How do I keep EndNote (X2) from putting a comma before the suffix in an author's name?

In AMA-style references, there is no comma between an author’s name and any suffix the author might use (“Jr,” “III,” etc). However, I cannot figure out how to stop EndNote from putting a comma between the name and the suffix when I generate a reference list. How do I get “Jones H Jr” and not “Jones H, Jr”?

I realize that this is a fairly minor question, but if anyone has an answer, I’d really appreciate hearing it.

–Steve Palmer

I cannot find an AMA output style in my version of EndNote (X2) to test the following out, but perhaps using double commas (as suggested in this thread might work?

I’m guessing the AMA ouput style will suppress the comma between surname and initial, and double commas will then ensure no comma is put in after the initial, i.e. enter in the author field of the reference record thus:

Jones, H Jr



When I tried your idea, the result was “Jones, H., Jr”, so I gained a comma and a period instead of losing a comma.

Thanks for the response, in any case.


I tried modifying an output style this time (since as I mentioned previously, I don’t have the AMA style) - and I have to say I can’t reproduce the result you get using double commas. All the same, using double commas didn’t help either!

I did succeed somewhat, however, when I put a comma at the end of the author’s name (as one does for corporate names), i.e.

Jones H Jr,

While this means the entry in the reference list is correctly punctuated, the downside is that the name will now appear in in-text citations in this full form, which can only be got round by editing the in-text citation (remove author, add surname as prefix). All in all this may well seem like more effort than it is worth.



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Aha–I tried that, and it worked.

In-text citations aren’t usually an issue for me, because most medical journals use numbers, rather than the (author, year) format. So this is a solution as far as I’m concerned. Thanks!