in text reference issue

Hello guys, 

I am using endnote to give references in APA style;

Edward I.Altman (1968)

I know APA style will give it Altman(1968) in the text but actually, it is appearing as (Edward I. Altman, 1968).

i took endnote reference file from the journal of finance and also from some other sources but all are giving the same error. 
is there any way i can fix this manually on endnote. i tried to replace the name in endnote file but it did not work for me. although may numerous other references are working perfectly. 
any help will be appreciatable. 

It is likely that you have this author in more than one record you are citing - with slight variations, and endnote is “disambiguating” them with the full name.  Copy the author details in the multiple records, so they are identical, and Endnote will not include the additional info.  

If this doesn’t fix it, consult this knowledgebase article(which ends with the advice above). 

I have the exact same problem with the same author. I think Endnote hates the string Alt. Can you please let me know what to do?

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