APA style referencing


I am new to Endnote and APA style.

My in text cutation is looking odd

(R. H. Miller, Lowry, Meardon, & Gillette, 2007)

rather than

( Miller, Lowry, Meardon, & Gillette, 2007)

Does anybody know why this is. it’s not doing it to all my references just this one.

Thanks if anyone can assist.



Hi Karen

The probable cause is that the author Miller occurs in your EndNote library in various ways. If all the Millers are the same person, choose one form and use that in all instances.

Search the library for Miller in case the person appears as an editor as well as author. Choose one version, and then use copy-and-paste to ensure all instances of the author are identical. Once you’ve done that, update the references in Word.

See http://endnote.com/kb/82224 - preferably follow the Note part in order to conform to APA style requirements.

(It is possible you have different people cited in your document whose surname is Miller. If so, then the in-text citation as given is correct, as APA stipulates distinguishing such authors by initials [or forenames if the initials are also identical]).



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