Inability to install EndNote X4 in a Samsung Ultrabook


There seems to be an incompatibility between EndNote X4 and Windows 8. While installing the program, a pessage appears asking to close down running programs (Open Office etc…) even though none of these programs are actually working simultaneously.

Is there a solution to this issue?

Thank you.


I doubt that X4 is compatible with Windows 8/Office 2013. Check this page:

Best wishes

Jan Ove


Jan is right that technically EndNote X4 is not compatible with your OS and Word Processor. However, it should be possible to get them working, and the error you are receiving is definitely not caused by incompatibility. Instead, it’s due to a background process that OpenOffice runs by default. We have a solution posted on our Knowledge Base here:

Once EndNote is successfully installed, you will then need to follow the steps here to attempt to load the tools into Word 2013:

Note that as X4 is not technically compatible with Word 2013, we may be limited in the support we can provide in that configuration.

I hope this helps!