Incomplete data imported from Google Scholar

When I import reference into EndNote X3 from Google Scholar (Scholar.enw files), only the start page is included in the Pages field and there is no Abstract. This is true of some journals, such as Plant Physiology, but with other journals both the start and end pages are present and correct. I am using a Mac OS X (10.6.7) and either Safari (5.0.5) or Firefox (3.6.16). How can I correct this?

The problem may lie with the way Google Scholar codes the reference information hence only limited information from a small number of fields (e.g., Author, Year, Title, Journal Title, Page) is imported into EndNote.  The number of fields and information also seems to differ by import method.  For example, try importing a reference from Google Scholar into EndNote, then change the Scholar Preferences to a different bibliographic management software like Refman, then import the same reference into EndNote.  Chances are additional information such as publisher and other info will appear using Refman instead of EndNote.

Google Scholar is a convenient resource but has limited information to populate the EndNote reference type fields. You could use Google Scholar as a starting point but  If you have access to the journals or aggregate databases, searching and retrieving information from these sources are more likely to provide comprehensive results.

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