How to import abstracts into EndNote from Google Scholar

I have followed the instructions for importing from Google Scholar into EndNote, but only 4 fields were filled in: Author, Year, Title, Journal - no Abstract, etc.  Is there a way to transfer more information from the articles, like what happens with Pubmed?

Google Scholar, while convenient, provides minimal information for importing, as evidenced by the basic “tagged” fields (e.g., Author, Year, Title, Journal). Unless Google Scholar provides more tagged options, users are limited to the information that’s provided. 

Retrieving abstracts will then have to either be done manually (e.g., copy and paste) or by accessing a database which provides for a richer search and downloading experience than Google Scholar.

Also, if you are using EndNote version X5, you could try running the “Find Reference Updates…” function on the Google Scholar records once they are imported into your EndNote library. I just did a quick test of a few records and in most cases the “Find Reference Updates…” function added many fields - Abstract, keywords, etc - from either Web of Knowledge or PubMed. The success of this will depend on your database access and the nature of the records, of course, but it is simple enough to try.

I hope this helps.

Jason Rollins, Thomson Reuters

Thank you, Jason, but I have EndNote version X4.