Incorrect formatting in X7

I am using Endnote X7, new computer. Since the new installation I have an issue where adding two references by the same author(s) for multiple years comes is not formatting properly, it looks like this (Elder and Zucker (1994), 1998)) when it should look like this (Elder and Zucker (1994, 1998). I have made sure that both appear as “Display as Author (year)” when right-clicking > edit citations, so cannot figure it out.

While I have you, I also have one reference that refuses to drop the author’s initials (using APS 6th) when I reference several of their other papers correctly. I have checked and all references by this author have the exact same spelling/formatting of his name (I copy/pasted to all), yet one still shows his initials when it should not.


First question – reposted

2nd question  – try repasting on that one author – it should work.  Maybe you inadvertently added a errant space or something?