Endnote X7 incorrectly displayed in-text - same author, multiple years, displayed as Author (Year).

Hi All,

I’ve just reinstalled on my new laptop and where my old citations of  the same author/s but severl different years would correclty appear like so Monnier (2003, 2006) , they now appear like so (Monnier (2003), 2006)). This happens after BOTH refs are set to “Display as Author (Year)”.

APA 6th btw. 

Can anyone help?

I would make sure the new install has all the updates for EndNote X7.

Please check the version of EndNote you are using. In EndNote go to Help > About EndNote X7. If you have X7 and not X7.7.1 you should try getting the update.

Close all programs and turn off any background software, such as virus protection software. From within EndNote, choose “EndNote Program Updates…” or “Check for Updates” from the “Help” menu and follow the on-screen prompts.

I was unable to reproduce the issue with my version of EndNote X7.

In my hands, Endnote doesn’t allow me to use the Author (Year) format for multiple citations, mostly because it doesn’t work?  You can go into the ‘more’ option and choose it for each, but it still doesn’t work properly.  I can’t even get what you have to work, without then hiding an author as well.  

The only way to achieve this, is old school.  Leave both as (Author, year) and hide both authors, and type in the author ahead of the parenthetical years.