Incorrect in-text 'author' part of citation for APA6

In-text author part of the citation is displaying wth first name initial in front of surname. In APA6, there should be no initials.

This is happening to random references (not all of them) despite entering the reference in the library the same way as all the other references. E.g. B. McCormack (2006) instead of McCormack (2006).

APA 6th adds initials where it “thinks” the citation would be ambiguous without them.

In the case of the McCormack reference this could be because there really are two different people in your library with the surname McCormack. However it’s more likely that they are the same person but their name has been entered in a way that confuses EndNote - for example Author: B. McCormack - Author: B McCormack - Author: McCormack, B. may be treated as three different individuals.

The first thing to do is to take a look at your library and check whether the cases where unexpected initials appear are referemces where they author name layout is inconsistent.

See this Knowledge base article for more information: 

This worked. Thanks very much!