Incorrect in-text citation format

Hi there.

Can anyone tell me how to fix the in-text citation format … EndNote is including first name initials as part of some citations - e.g. instead of (Skinner, 2010) it is giving me (N. Skinner, 2010). This is only occurring for some citations, and I have tried deleting the entire reference and re-entering it, but this has not fixed the problem. I am using APA 6th for referencing.

I am starting to panic as my thesis is due next month!

Thank you in advance 

Inclusion of first name initials within in-text citations is used to differentiate (a.k.a. “disambiguate”) different authors who happen to have the same last name. So you might check if there is second and different author named “Skinner”. If so then this explains why the in-text citation includes the author’s initial.

If, however, there is only one author named “Skinner” this indicates incongruities in how the name was entered in the Author field across different Endnote records. To correct this locate the “Skinner” Endnote records and either copy the author’s name from the correct record into the incorrect record or reenter the author’s name. Having consistent entries will prevent mistaken instances of disambiguated in-text citations.

Thank you so much! Your 2 explanations were both correct for me. I really appreciate your speedy response :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, your response really helped me out.