Incorrect path

Hello again my fellow EndNote geniuses!

Yes, I am brand new to this group but have been using EndNote for about three years.  I recently encountered a problem for which I cannot find a solution.  When I open Word 2007, EndNote X5.0.1 opens as it should.  However, I get an error message that says my file contains an incorrect path.  Any suggestions out there??


You might check and reset the paths for the location of the assorted folders (e.g., Style, Filter, Connection).

Go to the EndNote toolbar, select Edit > Preferences. Then click “Folder Locations” from the EndNote Preferences dialog window. On the right-side use the Browse button to locate and set the path to each folder. Click OK when completed to close the dialog box.

And make sure that they point to User writable locations (Defaults are usually in My Documents, or Documents) and NOT those in the C drive Programs Folder. 

Hello Leanne, thank you for trying to help.

I also stumbled against the same problem “ My Endnote Library.enl contains an incorrect path ”. I have been using Endnote X7.3 Buils 8536 for about a week in a new HP Elite book running Windows 8.1 Pro. All of a sudden, yesterday the 4th April, it stops. Evrytime I start it such a message pops up and it is the end of it.

With this solution you proposed, I fail to identify which one is the folder for style, which one for filter and which for connection. I have a folder “My EndNote Library.Data” inside which are two folders “rdb” and “tdb”

Kindly Assist

Those are the actual databse folders and structures.  the styles/filters/connections folders if they exist are usually in the library/my documents in an Endnote folder - and are ony created if you have downloaded or edited a file of that type.  

I really don’t know what the error means and you should call tech support for assistance (and report back with the solution).  I am just a user too.  you will find the numbers (and I do suggest calling).