inserted unrelated references by End note

Im working on several resaerch project and im using end note for inserting references each project has its own library, recently i have understood that other project refrences are inserted in the word ducument, all references from unrelated library are mixed together in the word, what i can do to modify the word and preventing this end not mistake?

I really do not understand what you are saying.  I assume you only have one library open at time?  If multiple libraries are open, “find citation” will search all of them?  If you insert records from multiple libraries, the word document will keep them in a “travelling” library associated with the paper, “mixing them together”.  Are either of these phenomena, what you are seeing?  

Hi…I’ve experienced this as well…I had to make it a point to open only one word doc with a blank library or the relevant library. Do let me know if you find a solution. 

Hi…what happens is say, if you’re working on two drafts with different EN libraries, updating bibliography in the first draft inserts/replaces random EN citations from the second draft into the first, even though only the EN library for the first draft is open at the time.

This replacement mostly occurs for citations that do not have Authors listed in the ENL.

If this is true, then you should report it to the Support people, because I haven’t seen it, but I only ever work with one desktop library and all my records in one place.  – I use groups and keywords to segregate them.