Duplicates only when Inserting a Citation

Hi all, 

I have a strange problem that only occurs when I go to insert a citation in word. I have taken care of all of the duplicates in my EndNote library. However, when I click on Insert Citation and search for an author, I frequently get a list that duplicates the same title for that author. I’m worried that something strange is going on that may cause problems later, but either listed reference inserts just fine right now. 

Any advice?


What if you go to the library itself and search for the author?  Do you see multiple matches?  Do you have more than one library open?  Can you show a screen shot of what you are seeing?  If you update citations and bibliography and go into endnote, and look at the temporary group (with the name of your document) are there multiple records with same title there?  (see image)

Well, my computer restarted with a Windows update and the anomaly has gone away (for now). We’ll see if it comes back.