Insert a citation doesn't have a library "attatched" to it

When I try to insert a citation on word 2007 and it pop’s up the find and insert a refernce box it has no results and where it should say library: my lybrary (i.e.) it has a blank space so I think it isn’t reading any library.

I Use endnote x3 and first open endnote and after that word 2007 (I’m trying to insert references in a document that I was already typing before i installed endnote (don’t know if it matters)

I can insert a refernce if I use the endnote program but not “search” one in the word 2007 wich is what I want to do, so i don’t have to keep switching between programs.

Any help would be appreciated

Do you have a default library that opens when Endnote opens?  (eithter define a specific library to open in preferences or in preferences have the “open last library opened” setting) or is Endnote waiting for you to open a library when it opens? 

Thanks for the reply but I (itself) fixed, I don’t understand why but I did exactly the same thing (searched for an author that I knew I had in the open library (and I did checked the option always open last library) and after I tried several times it just started to function 100%. I did nothing different (I knew it can sometimes take a little while for the endnote to “connect” to word 2007 but I spent like an hour and half trying to solve it).

Either way it’s obvious I messed up somewhere just don’t know where but it doesn’t matter anyway.

Once again thanks for the reply

Yes, sometimes it is as simple as clicking on the Endnote button to jump to Endnote once from Word, especially if Endnote was opened first and then word.