Inserting citation from a group

I swear I googled and searched this forum up and down, but here’s a super easy question:

How do I insert citations in batch from a group in EndNoteX2 to Pages '09?

I’ve got the Pages doc open, I pop over to Endnote, I select the 3 citations I want to insert but the “Insert Citation” button remains grey.  Any ideas?

EndNote X2 bld3548

Pages 4.0.1 (746)

Any help is appreciated. 

I know little about Pages.Maybe you can try the following ways:

(1)run “Configure EndNote.exe” in your EN installation directory;

(2)use the command in Pages’ tool bar(or somewhere else?) to insert citations.not the “insert Citations” button in EN;

(3)make sure good connections be constructed between Pages and EN;

good luck.


from China University of Mining & Technology