Inserting references

I am in the process of trying to complete my dissertation.  Quite a few of the references which I have entered using EndNote 6 are showing up incorrectly.  For example:  World Health Organisation is actually showing up as "Organisation WH.  Or Joranson D, Collier S (authors) are actually showing as “Joranson D C.”  Other references are perfect.  What am I doing wrong?  Thank you.

Wrong forum. In future, click on community above and select the appropriate Endnote forum (but moderators have now moved it to a more appropriate place). 

add a comma to the end of the “Author” name in your record for the first. 

For the second make sure that each author is entered on its own line with a carriage return after it.  Otherwise endnote thinks it is one long author name. 

Joranson, D

Collier, S