Issues with Authors in References List


I’m using the JAALAS output style while writing a paper. That style lists the author in the references as “Last, First Initial,” which is all well and good. But there are two items I’m citing where this does work, for one the author is the National Research Council, so in the references it’s listed as “Council NR,” which obviously doesn’t work. For another the author is the United States Department of Agriculture, and in the references it’s “Agriculture USDo.” Is there any way to make these two refences appear differently without changing the entire output style and how the other references are listed? I can manually change them in the list, but of course when I update my citations they revert back to this way. 

I appreciate any insight and help!


Actually, the solution is rather simple.

For Corporate or Institutional author names, you should place a comma at the end of the name.

This will force EndNote to interpret the entire string as the last name, at which point it will not try to adjust for Last, First Middle in the document.

For example…

National Research Council,

Entering the author name in this fashion, or adding the comma after the fact, will resolve the issue.



Ah, that is simple, and solved the issue. Thank you so much! :)