Instant formatting not working

Dear community,

I am currently using the CWYW function with EndNote X8 in Word 2016 on a MacBook Pro. And I seem to have an array of problems, which might be interlinked:

  1. Eventhough the instant formatting is toggled on, the intext citations are still in curly brackets (see caption; e.g.,

{Cheung, 2014 #1012}) and no list of references is produced at the bottom of my word file.

  1. Most of the time, when I click on the “insert citation” tab, it takes quite a while to load the next window.

  2. When I try to create a  reference list out of EndNote directly with my chosen reference style being “APA 6th”, the reference list is missing the DOI, which is part of the APA 6th style.

Please let me know any thougths or tricks you might have concerning these issues. Thank you!