Institutional author -- long and short forms

I am using a Harvard-like format, and I am trying to develop a style sheet. I want to quote a short form for the institutional author in the citation and the full form in the reference list. Like this:


Here we have a citation (ABS 2007).

Reference list:

ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) (2007). The rest of the details.

Now, I have tried various combinations of commas. If put the author in like this:

ABS, (Australian Bureau of Statistics)

I get the correct citation, but in the the ref list I get:

ABS ABoS (2007).

So it not only contracts it, it pulls out the brckets! If I put two commas after ABS in the author field:

ABS, ​(​Australian Bureau of Statistics​)​

In the ref list I get:

ABS, ​(​Australian Bureau of Statistics​)​ (2007).

Which is good except for the unwanted comma (I guess it is putting in the long form where a conventional entry might have Jnr or III or some other postfix). Is there an EndNote command that just says ‘put the text in verbatim’? Is there a way to get rid of that comma (eg change the commands that format a postfix)? Any advice would be much welcome.