interesting stuff

After my last post due to different reasongs I completly setup my computer anew and everything was working fine (with word 2007 and sp.1 all updates, Endnote X1 and win xp sp.3) until I came to a similar error I had before. Whenever I wanted to insert a citation over cwyw my word 2007 crashed. This happened only for one document, in all other documents I had no problems. 
Then I found, I think, something really interesting:
I narrowed down the error to a single “space” character in my file, just by try and error. I have no idea why and how this “space” is different from others but I would really like to know. The problem is that it is a word file so I cannot upload it as an attachment. I think this might be a really great opportunity to fix a bug as it is very little to look at. 
Hoping for an answer. - space_agent