Internet search for citations


Im a new refman user. I have previously been using jabref and I loved the extremely efficient online seach for citation in that programme.

I can see that refman 12 also has an internet search option, but I might be doing something wrong because it seems that only by searching for one author name or word will return a result (which will then be in the thousands). Otherwise, the “no documents retrieved for the specific search” error message will come up. The fact that the documents are found when seaching for single words means that the citations can be located by the programme, just not when you narrow the search to more than a few words.

Since I cant imagine that the the search algorithm is that limited Im assuming that Im doing something wrong. Im searching medline for biotech publications using search “all fields”.

Narrowing down to title or author doenst seem to make a difference.

Im using refman 12.0.3, bld 3262

Any advice?


Hey there

Im still having this problem. Can someone confirm that they are able to search the full title (or even just a significant part) of a paper and receive a hit from pubmed.

I cant get any hit if I include more than 2-3 words in the search field. One single word is ok, but obviously returns thousands of hits.

Example “Effect of cell-penetrating peptides on the nasal absorption of insulin”

If I search: “Effect of cell” I get a number of hits, but anything more than that will return zero hits. Same if I change to any other combination of words like “peptides on” will return results but “peptides on nasal” will not.

The dialog box reads very briefly: “waiting for the server to respond to request” after it says “Pubmed: closing”… and then after 10 seconds you get the “No documents retrieved for specific search”.

What am I doing wrong here, any settings I should be aware of?