Help! I am doing the final formats of my thesis which is due on Monday and my endnote is doing weird things.

  1. It will not update the bibliography 

  2. When I unformat the document, the majority of references show up as !!!Invalid Citations!!! and endnote says that they are in the travelling library while the ones that do show up are in my normal library

  3. This does not happen when I start a new document, only on already existing documents even though I have been using the same library for the whole document

  4. I have no problem inserting a new reference and it shows up correctly but again, the bibliography won’t update, instead Ednote crashes.

I have no pdfs or other information apart from the reference information stored in my endnote library.

Is there anything I can do apart from re-inserting every single reference?

I should probably add that I am running endnote X4 but with the newest service update.

It sounds like you need tech support as you have an urgent need!  

– Have you openned the document or shared with a collaborator who may have openned it in another word processing program?  – Is this on a Mac?  What version Word?  

I have the same problem too- I am running Endnote x7 on Word 2007 on my PC. I also access the document at home with a Mac Word 2008 but don’t change any of the references (I also don’t have Endnote on my Mac). I have used Pages in between on my Mac. 

I haved worked on previous documents with my supervisor before (she uses a Mac and I primarily a PC) and this has never happened before.

Furthermore, everytime I close Word, an Endnote dialogue pops up with “unknown error occurred” and Word proceeds to restart all over again. I think I’ve managed to solve the Word problem but when I choose to update the citations, the “!!! INVALID CITATION!!!” pops up. As a result, the bibliography cannot be updated… Any help would be much appreciated please!

Pages inbetween is a problem.  The field information interpreted by Windows Word, is not retained.  

Thanks Leanne- what do I have to do to fix it?

If you don’t have a copy that is not passed thru Pages, I don’t know.  I don’t use a Mac, and I don’t work for Endnote.  I always save my documents as temporary citations (the curly brackets) if I think a colleague is going to work on it with a different word processor.  – Smaller document, less chance of corruption.  

Is it numbered format or author year?  

oh sorry Leanne you seem to know so much i just assumed you work for Endnote!

I do have a previously saved draft so I can revert to that I guess and then manually change anything in the document that is different. It’s formatted by Author, year… :slight_smile:

So do you think that the endnote library itself is fine, it’s just the word doc that is causing problems?

The best way to test – is to open a new document, but yes, I think it is a word/pages thing and not your library.  – 

I recently had a manuscript back from a publisher, that they had edited and the endnote citations were gone, and I had to shorten!  – I went back to my original endnoted version, saved it, and unformated the citations to the curly bracketed form and saved it to a new name.  I compared the old unformated to temporary citations to the edited one from the publisher, and then accepted their edits (well most of em!) and rejected the (author,year) insertions and rejected the temporary citation deletions, when they were paired.  Then I worked on that to remove the extra 230 words they said I needed to delete to fit into their page limit.  – reformated - accepted tracked changes, saved it to a new name – stripped the endnote fields (on a copy) using the endnote ribbon “convert to plain text” option, and sent it back to them.  I did read it one more time to make sure I didn’t mess it up, first!    

Thanks Leanne I will give your way a go, it seems like you have found a way around it! It’s good to know it’s not my library cos that would be heaps worse I reckon…