all citations converted to being one citation ...

I added a new reference in endnote and when i went back to word and did an update citations and bibliography all my citations (1000s of them…) converted to being this one new reference… why??? is there any way of fixing this because its just **** my whole thesis.

I don’t know, but I would call Tech-support. I have never heard in all my years, of this kind of error with endnote.  You do have a backup, don’t you? (Ducking head)  If the library is really lost, then…

Endnote and Word versions? (and operating system?)

Is the thesis formatted?  What version of endnote? If the thesis is Endnote formatted, you should be able to recover the travelling library, if you are using version 8 or better. Recover the travelling library (usually an option under tools, but I can’t remember where it is in all versions) to  a new library file. Then, you can either just continue to write using the new library, or (what I would do) is make a COPY of the manuscript and unformat the paper and save it.  Now open it with the new library and reformat.  Endnote will not be able to match the Record numbers, but will bring up the best Author/year matches, and you choose the correct one.  Nine times out of ten, it will be the one with the first author match. 

But I would try to figure out why it happened so reconstruct what you did and ask Tech support if they can figure out what happened (and let us know so we don’t do it)? 


tech help no help here unfortunately as they are not familiar with endnote.

word is 2007 and endnote is 1X, XP operating system.

There is couple of things that i thought might be involved:

  • i have more than one endnote library and i wonder if word is getting confused as to which library it is referring… I will delete the others but what is the best way of making sure that endnote is ‘talking’ to the correct and current library?
  • i exported all my references from word 2007 citations a few weeks ago and i wonder if it hasnt quite updated. sometimes when i click update citations and bibliography it still asks do i want to update ‘word 2007 citations’ even though i converted them all 2 weeks ago. additionally a couple of the citations are being highlighted in yellow which i guess could have something to do with this.
  • would recovering the library help?



I meant Endnote’s for tech support…   I can’t quite picture what you are seeing.  perhaps some screen shots would help.  Word looks at the library that is open in Endnote.  If the library is not available, then Word consults the “travelling” library.  You can see what library is being used on the last tab of the “format bibliography” menu window.  (at least in X2, I think it is the same in X1)  I am not familar with Word 2007, so if it is trying to use that, I can’t help.