iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Group Sets


I love Endnote on iPad - thank you very much for creating this application!

Recently, I have purchased iPad Pro to further immerse myself in my Endnote library. Application works well but it is clearly not optimized by iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. In addition to larger fond size, pdf annotation is slow and the amount of tools available is limited. I would love if you could incorporate features similar to those present in PDF Expert app. Being able to interact fluidly with PDF documents in Endnote on iPad Pro woudl be highly valuble. 

On a different note, I noticed that Endnote on iPad does not show different Group Sets - all groups are included in a single Group Set on iPad - this is a minor issue.

Best regards,


Thank you so much Jerzi. I was thinking to buy the IPad Pro exactly for the same reason. Would you please describe a bit more in detail what the problems are with the Pencil and the size? I use an Ipad Air 2 at the moment. If you did the same would you descriobe the differences?



Hi Matteo:

Endnote works fine but because its resolution is higher than previous iPads, it is scaleup up making fonts larger than they should be - not a dig issue at all. Apple Pensil and annotation is not as fluid as in other program but it is useable. 

I hope that Thomson will release new version of Endnote which is tweeked for iPad Pro.