Is ProCite to be developed


Dear Rick (Mod),

This, I expect is the question on everyone’s keyboard. Is the existence of this forum to mop up ‘old’ Procite Users or is it an indication that Thompson Scientific is interested in developing this product? Also can this forum support OpenID?

Best Wishes


Hello Matt,

Thomson Scientific continues to provide support for ProCite. While there are no plans to produce a new version, it is important that ProCite, along with our other products, should have a forum where users can share best practices. The online discussion forums start today with the release of our ProCite and Reference Manager forums, and follow up in a week or so with forums for EndNote and EndNote Web.

I don’t know if this forum can support OpenID, though I will certainly ask the folks who have brought this together for us.  As you can see at the bottom-right, our forums are powered by Lithium, and a search on the OpenID site doesn’t mention Lithium (nor does a search for “OpenID” on Lithium’s site return any hits).