ProCite alive

Dar Sirs at Thomson’s,

Presently there is only one single question the all [too] faithful ProCite users all over the world would like to be asked by you: are you going to keep ProCite alive and develop it, or it is simply … fading?
No clear answer on your part, and initiatives like this new forum, would be taken as fairly offensive (a “make-up” move).


Francesco Dell’Orso - University of Perugia ITALY

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Hello Francesco,

Thomson Scientific continues to provide support for ProCite. While there are no plans to produce a new version, it is important that ProCite, along with our other products, should have a forum where users can share best practices. The online discussion forums start today with the release of our ProCite and Reference Manager forums, and follow up in a week or so with forums for EndNote and EndNote Web.

I think a new version of the program would be an awesome thing.  If anything else to refresh everyones software a little.  Both PC and Mac versions.

If the name ProCite is an issue - you know another name with an additional feature in the software wouldn’t hurt.  Like the webpublishing feature in Reference Manager.

Problem is the other programs were already in development when Procite was purchased.  And with the hope of combining features into the other programs the company failed to recognize one thing.  The program has features the others can’t compete with on certain levels as it NOT a “Personal Bibliographic Citation Manager” like the other two.

Any thoughts on this?


It looks like Reference Manager Network Edition is now the successor to ProCite. Yes?

I am STILL using Procite because buying Endnote X, XI, XII, XIII was a complete disappointment. The latest changes to X4 and X5 are minor in the extreme. Thomson sues Zotero for competing, loses but doesn’t come out with a better product? So I use Zotero and Procite (or a much older Endnote) and will never buy Endnote if they keep adding the equivalent of an inch to the tailfin of this program.

Note taking? Not there in a way that people could export and use.

64-bit? No.

Interface features of Procite (like the easy-to-see bottom tabs)? Nope.

But, hey, our latest version (like the “last, cool” version has improved PDF attachment by 1.5 millimeters.

The whole thing is a joke at this point. Milking the product until it it completely replaced by Zotero and others.