Is there a way to catalog photographs other than under "Figure"?

I heve looked for a template I could use for, mostly, born digital pictures. I have not been lucky. Tx, Aldo

Could you provide more information: What style are you using?  Does the catalog have to conform to a particular style because of research or publication requirements or is it just for personal use? 

What you could do is create your own reference template (or modify a pre-existing one).  For example, EndNote includes 3 “Unused” reference templates so you could take one, rename it “Photographs” and modify the template’s fields to suit your own data capture needs (e.g., photographer’s name, date, etc.). 

Has anyone actually created a reference template for photographs?  I would like to do so, reinventing the wheel as little as possible.  TIA.

Has anyone actually created a custom reference template for photographs in EndNote?  I would like to do so (similar to the one in PastPerfect) and would very much appreciate suggestions or experiences from anyone who has explored this ground before.  Thanks in advance.