Journal Abbreviati​ons in Bibliograp​hy



I’m having trouble trying to get the journal titles in my bibliography to show up as abbreviated titles. They are currently displayed as the full length names.

I followed the instructions offered in the help file and also imported the term lists but still got the full journal names of the journals. Do I need to insert by hand the names of the journals I’m interested in? is there an electronic list I can update from?

Thanks in advance.

there are terms lists out there.  See this page on the  Queensland site here…  You also need to adjust the output style to utilize them though?  You need to look at your terms list to make sure the proper name is in the proper column.  I suggest turning off any auto update of the terms as well, and if you have a journal uncommon outside of your subject, you may have to add it manually to the  terms list. 

Replace the current terms list, with one of those on the Queensland side to make sure there isn’t a hodgepodge of abbreviation in the full journal column that have been pulled from downloaded files. 

There is also a set of Term Lists that can be downloaded here:

You mentioned following the instructions in the Help file. Be sure you are clearing the existing term list before importing as outlined in this Knowledge Base article:

Make sure the Style you are using is configured to use the appropriate abbreviation. If the journal name is still not displaying the abbreviation, compare the information in the record with the journal name in the Journals Term List.

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