Journal article reference type for online publication


I am not sure whether the existing “Journal article” reference type should be used for an online article. If yes, does merely using the URL field make it clear that it is an online article?


You could use the “Electronic Article” reference type for e-journals/articles. And just put the URL in the Endnote record’s URL field. The Electronic Article bibliography template of your output style should indicate the “Retrieved from” [URL] identifier to indicate the reference is an e-article. The Journal Article bibliography template excludes this identifier but could be manually added if you want the reference type to handle both electronic and print journal articles

I prefer to use the electronic article, but then you usually need to add a template to your chosen output style, as the generic version rarely gets everthing just right.  But if it is close, copying the generic or the journal template to create the electronic template and then cleaning it up, and adding bits, is often easier than creating it from scratch.  

Thanks to both of you for your suggestions. I’ll try electronic article

I didn’t look far enough up the list. Maybe there is an argument for renaming it Journal article electronic!

Warm regards/gary