Journal name imported as Author using ENW


When i Export references from journal web pages as ENW file the journal (%j) is added as the last author (in the author field) and not in the journal field. I.E Author field becomes:

Doe, J

Darwin, C

Trump, D %j Science

with the Journal field empty.

Importing RIS appears to work fine, so not really a big problem, but annoying since cut/paste of %j from the author field is also not working…

Just updated to X9, and cant remember that this was a problem before the upgrade. Could it be a bug in X9?

Well! Great to knows

You can replace the current EndNote Import filter with the one from our website.

Double-click on the downloaded file to open it.

Click the File menu in EndNote and select Save As.

Be sure to save it with same name then Click Save then Close the window.

You can now delete the file that was downloaded a copy has been added to EndNote.

You can now try to export again.

Hi Tony

I have also recently purchased Endnote X9 to use on a Mac and am having the same problem where all the Journal names are in the author section resulting in me having to type out the journal name each time which is very time consuming. I tried saving the link but I am still having the same issue. Do you have any other suggestions?