Journal Term List - reversed full names and abbreviations (and also how to capitalize journal names)

First, I already know I can delete a term list and import but I do not want to import thousand of journal names. What I am having an issue with is in a library the journal names are reversed under the columns - the abbreviated names are showing up under the first column which is supposed to be Full Journal and the second column contains the full journal name where the abbreviated name is supposed to be. I made a “test” new library, imported several citations and looked at the term list and it did it again. Second question is if I were to use the full journal name, how do I get Endnote to capitalize each word of the journal? Thanks!

Refer to these threads:“Abbreviation & the Term List”, and “Journal Abbreviations in Bibliography”. There’s also an EndNote“Journal Terms” training video.

I can understand your reticence to import a terms list with many journals, but it is the best way to overcome the importing of Journal names from databases that are not consistent, which then get incorporated into your terms list if you have the update options on.  That is why I always turn them off.   

Really following the threads CG refered to is your best bet, and, in my experience, it doesn’t affect the performance of endnote having a long journal terms list.  This will also make sure the correct capitalization is retrieved.  – It is important that the output style you are using - uses the Journal terms list as well.  Sometimes you can switch the choice to using the correct column (ie full journal name instead of abbrev when the abbrev is in the first column) when they are switched.  

Thanks - I’ll take a look at the threads and video.