Inconsistency in journal name format

First of all, I added all journals using full name in th end note app.
But, when I build a bibliography within Word file, some journal’s name are in full name while other’s are abbreivated.

One thing I found that could be the problem is the inconsistency in the number of reference linked to the Word file(43) and “all reference”(64) shown in the enddnote app. But the thing is the number of reference in the bibliography is same as the number of “all refernce”(64).


How can I update the number of refernce linked to the word file to 64?

Thanks in advance,

In the EndNote application itself, you can use the menu command Library→Change/Move/Copy Fields ... to change fields such as Journal Title in all currently displayed references. I cannot say what is causing the inconsistency in your library:

  • EndNote when autocompleting references may be using metadata from PDF attachment(s) or finding the metadata online from different sources, which may in of themselves contain inconsistencies.
  • The citation format used for the plugin, EndNote, and/pr during import into the word processor may be playing a role.

Review the Journal Terms list that your library is using.

I find that Endnote imports Journal terms lists from online databases in an inconsistent manner…

review this Clarivate Knowledge Base article and I would turn off the automatically update journal terms list settings and delete and replace the journal terms list with a new clean version from Clarivate for your area of interest.