Journal of Cranio-maxillofacial surgery?

Has anyone created a style for the folowing journal: Journal of Cranio-maxillofacial surgery? It isn’t listed in the 6K+ list of styles on EndNote website.

Elsevier editorial office sent very generic author guidelines about “author-date system of citations”. Journal-specific tweaks were then listed. Office could not give the names of any journals using a similar style.

Any help or suggestions will be deeply appreciated. Otherwise, the laborious business of creating a new style will be undertaken.



Best to post those instructions here, or the link to them.  

Style for _ Neuropharmacology _ looks close. It is an Elservier title that uses author-year format.  That may be the option, if no one knows of a more exact match.

Looked it up and here is a version modified from Author-Date.  see if it works.  – fixed Journal, Book and Book Section.  Other ref types may need entering or further tweaking.  

JCMFS.ens (17 KB)

Thanks Leanne!

Important pour se renseigner sur les chirurgies du visage comme la chirurgie du nez ethnique par exemple.