current World Journal of Surgery style

The World Journal of Surgery style available on EndNote does not match the journal’s current requirements:

"Use the form for references adopted by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, as in Index Medicus. For each reference,

show inclusive page ranges (e.g., 7‐19).

In references to journal articles, please include (1) surname and initials (without periods) of the first three authors

and et al for all others, (2) the year in parentheses, (3) title of article. (4) abbreviated Journal name, (5) volume

number, and (6) inclusive page numbers, in that order. An example follows:

1. Honda T, Nozaki M, Isono N, et al (2001) Endoscope‐assisted facial fracture repair. World J Surg 25:1075‐1083"

Is there an available style that matches the requirements shown above? 

Thank you!!

Well they clearly state they follow NLM and then they don’t.  – In the attached, I corrected the place of the year field in all the templates of the 2012 version of the style.  I didn’t see any other differences from the part you described, but didn’t go to the journal website. 

To get the abbreviations of Journals correct you must follow the instructions in the KB article for each Endnote library you use. I also turn off the preferecence to update the terms lists when importing or when manually entering records.
World J Surgery updated.ens (10.5 KB)

Thank you very much for your help!

Here is an updated copy of the style.

If you experience any problems with it please let me know.

World J Surgery Updated.ens (9.99 KB)

please redo citation style. The citation of this style is superscipt, but WJS need brackets. thank you.

REFERENCES: Reference citations  in  the  text should be  identified by numbers  in brackets  (e.g.  [4]).  Number  the 
references  in  order  of  their  first  appearance  in  the  text  (not  alphabetically).  Once  a  reference  is  cited,  all 
subsequent citations should be to the original number. References may not appear  in your Reference List unless 
they have been cited in the text or tables. Manuscripts that have been accepted for publication or are in press may 
be  listed as  references, but  the  Journal does not  reference unpublished data and personal communications. Use 
the form for references adopted by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, as in Index Medicus. For each reference, 
show inclusive page ranges (e.g., 7‐19). 

In references to journal articles, please include (1) surname and initials (without periods) of the first three authors 
and et al  for all others,  (2)  the year  in parentheses,  (3)  title of article.  (4) abbreviated  Journal name,  (5) volume 
number, and (6) inclusive page numbers, in that order. An example follows: 

1. Honda T, Nozaki M, Isono N, et al (2001) Endoscope‐assisted facial fracture repair. World J Surg 25:1075‐1083