Journal Series data field

Many journals are broken into series.  For example, Annals and Magazine of Natural History and Bulletin de la Societe geologique de France have numerous consecutive series, Annals starting a new series every 20 volumes.  Series/volume/number citations (4)19(35): pp. Is there a conventional place to record the series number?  I have ursurped the “Number of Volumes” field for the purpose, but this seems an uncomfortable fit as well as placing the series after, rather than before, the volume number during data entry.

You can rename reference type such that “Volume” appear as “Series”, and change the “Number of Volumes” as "Volume. Then, “Series” comes before “Volume” in each database. The problem doing so will be the importa filter also need to be edited.

For the output style you can arrange whatever the order. Volume/Series/Issue or Series/Volume/Issue, whatever. But you need to tweek the style such that, if you don’t have series number, you don’t have extra space, extra parenthesis, etc.

Does this answer your question?

Yes, that answers my question.  Thanks.  It is pretty much what I already thought – that the solution is worse than the problem.  It will be easier to enter volume - series - number - pages, etc. in that order than to have to dink extensively with every import mask and output format.

Isn’t it easier to just include the series as a part of the Volume number?

If Series and Volume always come together in fixed order, it is.