Series volume field dependent Punctuation

Hello there!

I’m new to EndNote and I’m trying to edit and output style to adjust to my University standards…

My problem is that when a book belongs to a series it should be (Series Title Series Volume). This works nicely with the sequence 

Author, Title |(Series Title Series Volume)|, Place Published Year, Edition|, vol. Volume|.

But when the Series Volume is blank, the closing ) misteriously dissapears. I’ve tried different combinations with the | and ◊, but can’t get it right. So as a temporal patch I added the closing ) to the Series Title when it has no number. But that’s destined to not work well with other styles.

Do you have any clues?

Thanks so much!

So I kept looking to it and “took a step back” and I think I arrived to a solution:

Author, _Title_◊(Series Title◊Series Volume|), Place Published Year, Edition|, vol. Volume|.

It seems to do the job…

But if anyone has a better-more elegant solution I’m all ears (or eyes you should say, I guess).

If you would attach the output style you are modifying I think a couple more | insertions would make it more robust in different situations.  (you need to first “zip” it as the forum still doesn’t appear to recognize endnote specific file types, last I checked).  

Hello there!

Sorry for the late answer…

The style I’m using is a modified (by me) version of the one uploaded last year by a friend and colleague (eamado)

Since it’s a .zip file, I’ve added also the methodological guidelines from the University, in case they can be useful. They are in Spanish though.

Thank you very much! (324 KB)