Journals are not consistenly abbreviated in Endnoteweb


I am using endnoteweb with the cite while you write plugin for word (Version: Mac 2011). I use the style: ASM journals

Now that I am going through the references of my manuscript,  I see that several journals are not abbreviated, while others are. I have tried to find where I could enter the abbraviations, for several of these journals, but I could not find them. What is more, I could not even find where the abbreviations are of the journals that were abbreviated in my reference list.

So could somebody tell me how to update the reference so that the journal names are correctly abbreviated, or somebody at endnote should update the abbreviations database for the following journals:

Below is the list of journal names (those are not very special) >> the wanted abbreviation.

Plos neglected tropical diseases  >> PLoS Negl Trop Dis
Applied and Environmental Microbiology >> Appl Environ Microbiol
Genome biology >> Genome Biol
Molecular Ecology Resources  >> Mol Ecol Resour
Journal of Microbiology >> J Microbiol
Frontiers in Life Science >> Front Life Sci