Justification in bibliography

Hi all, 

I’m having trouble left-justifying my reference list (endnote x7 on a Mac). I have deleted the title ‘references’ as per previous postings about this same matter, but cannot seem to maintain the justification after I have altered it (it keeps defaulting back to centre justified). I’ve also tried left-justifying the paragraphs immediately before and after the reference list, but to no avail.

Help please?

Deisha :) 

Which version of Endnote? 

If EndnoteX7  – see this thread.

Awesome! Thanks Leanne :slight_smile:

  1. In Word 2010, go to Home tab and use the pull down for Styles > Click on ‘EndNote Bibliography’ and then click on the drop down arrow . Choose Modify.
  2. Under Formatting, choose the required alignment and click OK. I have attached a screenshot for your reference.
  1. In Word 2010, go to Home tab, click small arrow button next to change style. Go to EndNote Bibliography’ and then click Choose Modify in drop down.
  2. Under Formatting, choose your format