Why Endnote does not offer an option to justify the bibliography list

Hi, In the options of output style, Endnote currently offers to italicize or bold the reference elements but I do not see any option to sort the reference list justified at the end of the text. So, I am wondering why Endnote does not offer such a possibility to automatically justify the sorted final list of references and gain time each time one need to format or change the output style. Thanks

The paragraph settings like that, are taken from the defaults of the Word document settings.  If the “normal” paragraph style is set to “justify”, so will the bibliography list.  

So to best “manage” the paragraph styles, you should edit the “normal” style in Word and Endnote should follow it.  If you instead select text and alter these settings, then Endnote will be likely to ignore applied formating, and revert ot the original document setup.  Same with text.  If you manually select text and convert from Times to Helvetica, you are likely to see Endnote inserting citations as Times and not Helvetica.  Best to learn the formating defaults and font and paragraph styles in Word from the beginning of writing rather than apply formating to text after you start.