justified bibliography

Could anyone tell me how I can change the bibliography appearance from left-aligned to justified? I could not find this option in the bibliography section of the ‘edit output style’ window nor enywhere else.

I am using EndNote X

Adapted  from this Tips and Tricks: Font and paragraph formatting in Endnote Bibliography References  thread.

Often, when a bibliography is created, Endnote adopts the paragraph (and font settings) that are contained in the last paragraph mark of the word document.   If you select the whole of the references including paragraph symbols before and after the formatted references (just to be sure) and apply the justification settings, and then reformat the paper, I think you will find that the appropriate paragraph settings  will be applied.  Alternatively delete the bibliography and make sure there is a   normal, justified empty paragraph at the end - reformat. 

Thanks for your reply.

I tried both your suggestions but they seem not to work in my case. I am sure there is an option somewhere in the EndNote preferences where you can change the alignment of the bibliography. I did it once myself. Unfortunatly I didnt save these settings. Should be somewhere in the ‘format bibliography’ section where you can change the line spacing as well, but it seems that the alignment options are hidden sowhere else…

You can try emailing me the document and  I can see whether I can get it to “stick”.  I don’t remember there ever being a setting to force justified from Endnote settings. 

  1. In Word 2010, go to Home tab, click small arrow button next to change style. Go to EndNote Bibliography’ and then click Choose Modify in drop down.
  2. Under Formatting, choose your format