Keyboard shortcuts and Mac OS Preview compatibility for annotating PDF attachments

I have seen the keyboard shortcuts for CWYW and for navigating an EndNote library, but I can’t seem to find any shortcuts to annotate PDFs. In particular, it would be helpful to be able to use a shortcut to highlight selected text rather than having to use the annotation tool bar. In Apple Preview, this can be done with Cmd-Ctrl-H. Are there any such shortcuts? If so, what are they? 

This brings me to a second question: why doesn’t EndNote simply use the native Mac OS PDF viewer functionality, rather than having your own (much more limited) annotation function? This means that annotations made in Endnote are not viewable when the PDF is opened in Mac OS Preview. This limits the ability to share files, or to move between applications for annotating them. Is there a way to set a default for EndNote use the Mac OS native PDF viewer instead of its own viewer? 

In case it’s useful to know, I’m using EndNote X7.2 on Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite. 

And if this functionality doesn’t exist natively in EndNote, does anyone have a sneaky workaround to assign keyboard shortcuts a different way (say, using Mac OS’s Keyboard preferences)?

Unfortunately, I don’t have much to offer on the keyboard shortcuts, but at least in my experience (X7.2 with OS 10.10), Preview does show annotations made by EndNote’s annotation tool and vis-a-versa.  Sometimes I actually have to quit EN and restart to see externally made changes, so I suspect there is some sort of caching going on.  That may explain why you aren’t seeing annotations carry over and is why I generally use EN’s annotation tools, which are fine.  Not great, but fine and a big improvement over that it used to offer.

I hope that’s useful to you.  Good luck!