Keywords -- backwards editing and frequency analysis

I’ve previously suggested that Endnote allow more analysis of materials it references, ie., by incorporating a text-search feature and preview pane for documents that are linked to references.

Along the same lines, it would be great if there were a way to analyze the frequency of keywords.  For instance, how many references contain keyword x, how many contain keyword y.  In that vein, it would be useful to be able to query a library to look for correlations and exceptions: for all references containing keyword x, how many also contain y.  Etc.

Also for keywords, it would be useful to be able to drag and drop keywords onto references, or to have a keyword pane with check boxes that could be accessed during entry and/or editing of references (as suggested by  And, it would be useful if the keywords list would allow backwards editing of keywords that have already been assigned to references.  For instance, it sometimes happens that I’ve assigned two very similar keywords, and decide later that they are the same category.  If I’d like to merge those two kewyords into one, as it is now I have to manually edit each reference’s keyword.  It would be better if it were possible to simply edit the keywords in the list pane, and have that edit applied to all of the references that are marked with that keyword.

While not the full functionality you are looking for, you can globally edit one keyword into another, using the edit>change text option. 

Hi, I’ve been thinking about this a bit more.  In future versions, it would be great if editing a keyword changed that keyword globally.  For instance, if I have been using the keyword ‘fieldguides’ and decide that I really want that keyword to identify ‘fieldguides and finder keys’, it would be useful to be able to change the name of the keyword and have it replace itself in all instances across the library (or across all libraries).  This can be done using Edit>Change Text, but it would be nice if it were automatic.



It’s been 5 years and we still can’t get a tally of how many references are associated with each keyword (other than creating thousands of groups, where the tallies appear in parenthses).  HELP!

Have you explored the “Subject Bibliography” Tool?  this will produce a list of all keywords and how many records are associated with it and then you can select one or more  display those formatted refs in a popup window.