large database

Hi, I have a question about the use of end-note between departments.

In this moment each dept in my company has a directory (not shared) where articles are mainataned, in some cases there are double articles and one dept do not knows if the article is already in the company or not and somethime there is a double purchase.

I’d like to merge all directories, delete double articles and share all these infos among depts.

Is there any startegy already developed in order to be sure that each dept can find the original articles plus other that could be of interest?

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There would be several ways to approach this and hopefully others will chime in. Here is my suggestion.

I would suggest that you make a read-only version of an Endnote library which everyone could access, and link to PDFs in a central location, ideally to an absolute shared location which has limited access for writing to prevent unauthorized deletion/renaming.  Then have a write version with limited access that new records and articles can be linked to (to the absolute location, rather than the default relative location.)  Have an auto copy each night from the write version to the read-only location.  That database can be searched for topic, title, authors, etc.  For new additions,  the person who orders the article could then ask the curator to add it to the library.   For Endnote, a read only library can be opened by many users at the same time.  A write only library can only be opened by one person at a time. 

It would be nice to have the option of opening a copy of a write library as read only if someone else is working on it (a la microsoft documents), but that is probably something for the suggestions.