Large gaps in reference lists (format)

I’ve never experienced this issue before, but in my current Word document, I constantly get physical gaps in the reference listings.  Each gap is 1-3 pages long.  I eliminate the gaps, but next time I open the document, there they are again.  I can’t find any formatting issues in Word, there are no formatting marks to show why the gaps occur.  I’m not sure if it’s a Word issue or an EndNote issue.  Is anyone aware of anything in EndNote that would trigger this?

you can never “eliminate” anything from the field.  I suspect there is something in the record causing this.  What output style are you using?  can you zip up the file and attach the zip to the attachment section below?  (you can’t attach a .doc or .docx but can a zip). 

Using APA 6.  I can get rid of the spaces if I set ref list to single space.  Have never seen this before.  It’s not just one record - four of them, in different places.  I’ll submit a support request, as well.  I’ll try the zip when I’m back home - only gave iPad just now.