Page breaks in reference list

In my reference list, everything is working well for formatting except Word (2013) keeps putting in a bunch of extra blank pages at 2 or 3 points in the list.  It’s not after every page and I can’t see any pattern to the breaks. I’ve deleted the blank pages numerous time, but they reappear. I’ve checked for hidden formatting and can’t find anything. There are no page breaks entered.  Has anyone experienced this and found a solution? I"m assuming it’s a Word problem, not an EndNote one.

What style does Word assign to your bibliography and if you look at those style settings, what do they say?  (extra lines, keep together, page before, etc).  

Are there paragraphs in those positions (word options, display, tick “show all formatting marks” )  

If so, what style does word assign to them?  

Well, you may be the genie here. I just opened the document in Word and it has kept the correct formatting. So we shall see.  The stule is set in EndNote as APA6, and refs are set in Word to double spacing.  There are no settings checked off in pagination other than widow/orphan control.  The only formatting codes (with show all checked on) are the paragraph mark at the end of each reference, wh8ch is expected.  I’ll see if the problem comes back.  Thank you!

ensure the output style is selected correctly in the word document too.  What is selected in the endnote program is irrelevant.