Word Reference List and Separation of Individual References - Help


I am having problems with the way endnote is placing references into my word document. When I enter someting to cite the reference is placed at the end of the document as it should be however is is split in half *by an enter). Also this reference loses its formatting such as italics. What is odd is that in endnote itself in the preview option it gives a perfectly formatted APA reference.

I have attached info below which shows the word document and also the endnote preview. 

Thanks in advance,


Please check the Book Title field in the Blackman reference for a blank line in the field.

If the reference does not have a blank line currently then I would suggest inserting Blackman into a new document to check how EndNote is formatting the reference.

If a new document is working properly then make a backup of your document and try the following steps from our website.


If the steps do not resolve the issue then please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1



Thanks Tony.

The options you suggessted did not work BUT there was a reason why. I exported the references via a page in our online study notes. It turns out that export was what caused the issues. Today I went to our uni library page and entered each reading item and then exported to Endnote x9. These items are all cited perfectly with no oddities. A long process but I am glad I figured it out.

Thanks again for your help.