Last author?

One of our users would like to be able to set up a smart group with the search criterion that the LAST author of a mult-authored article has a particular name (in order to pull out all papers where that person was the principal investigator)

Can anyone think of a way to do this?

I’ve suggested that she could simply search for that person as author and then discard instances where he is not the last, but she says this would make a lot of manual checking.

While there is an option to select “First Author” as criteria for a Smart Group, there is currently no such option for “Last Author.” At this time, the only options would be to do what you suggested already or to copy the Last Author information to another field and use that set up the Smart Group. However, if the Display Fields Preferences were configured to “Display all authors in the Author field,” it should be easier to perform a spot check to determine where the author names appear after performing a search by that name.

As far as the option to be able to perform a search by “Last Author,” you can certainly submit this as a product suggestion through our forum:

Our main Product Suggestion form can be found here:

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Thanks, as this probably does have general interest I’ve put it in as a suggestion.

I did subsequently twig that it’s possible to narrow down the search a bit already by searching for:

Author: “Smith”


First author: “Smith”

which means she only needs to weed out the instances where PI is slumming and does a paper as 2nd author etc.