Group Author recognized only as Individual Author

Hello all,

I just wanted to point out a limitation of EndNote that I encountered with one of my library clients this morning who was using the Circulation output style.  In some of his citations, the final author of several authors was a group rather than an individual.  However, EndNote could only recognize this group author as an individual author, and so the group name became inverted (i.e. the last word of the group name was moved to the front as in “Smith, Jane” vs. “Jane Smith”). 

We worked with EndNote Technical Support via Chat, and although the responder was very helpful, in the end we concluded that there is no way to format only the last author name (you can change the format of the first author or all the authors, but not specifically the last author).  This is an issue because group authors are very often (if not always) listed as the last author.

I hope that in future versions of EndNote, this issue can be corrected.  If there is a workaround that anyone knows about, please let me know, and I will pass it on to my clients.

Thanks very much!

Really?  What is the last group name?  If you place a comma at the end of the name, it should be listed in full without adjusting anything to initials.  

Smith, R.
Jones, T. J.
Smyth, A. F.
Conglomerate of People,

Hello Leanne,

Thank you very much for your quick reply.  I tried adding the comma to the end of the group author name and it worked like a charm!

EndNote, please let your technical support responders know!  I will be sure to pass this along to my clients.

Thanks again!

If the name happens to have a comma as a part of the name, put a double one in.  

Group of People, Commission of Illinois 

should be entered

Group of PeopleCommission of Illinois,