Leading and trailing blanks

I have just migrated to endnote 2 from endnote 6.  The library in endnote6 came from a self created file started in the early 1980s.  My problem is that the year field has leading and trailing blanks that cause the date to either not appear or appear as 19…   Is there anyway to remove leading and trailing blanks from the year field for an entire file (approximately 4000 records).  The number of blank spaces are variable between the records.

Thankls in advance for any help

Do this on a copy of the library, just to be sure.  It works at least in ENX2. 

Search for spaces in the Year field, so only those references are showing.  For example you might have something like “in press” and you don’t want to delete the spaces in that.  Any records that have spaces you don’t want to delete, select and References, hide. 


Edit> Change Text

Select the Year field from the drop down. 

Put a space in the first box and nothing in the second. 

push okay.  Read the box carefully to make sure the right number of records is showing.  – but hey, its a copy right, so if you mess it up, it won’t matter! Click okay again.

It will tell you how many changes were made in how many records.