Question about EndNote reference output

I keep on seeing spaces and punctuation errors in my EndNote reference output. I have reformatted the bibliography template and manually edited the references in EndNote several times but I still see the spaces and punctuation errors in the reference list. Please, do you have any idea on fixing this?

I suspect you have empty fields in your record that are associated with spaces and or punctuation that require special characters in the templates to avoid adding those when the field is empty.  These are the special “link adjacent” and “Forced separation” characters in the template. see for a detailed manual on how to edit endnote styles.  

You need to ensure that these characters are inserted appropriately.  See the example in the image.  If you “zip” the style you are using, you can attach it to a message reply and I can try to fix it for you, if you tell me which templates are causing the problem.  (You can’t attach a .ens file to the forum, but you can attach a zip folder).  


Please see the attached file on my reference output.  I am using a numbered format for the American Journal of Kidney Disease. Apart from the spaces, I see strange initials too. I am not sure what is happening. It might help if  I share my reference input with you too.
References output for EndNote (13.8 KB)

Please see my reference input attached.


Workshop (58.9 KB)

okay,  first, looking at your bibliography, it appears you may have entered these manually? Have you entered one author per line,

Surname, F. I.  

Second, Initials

also may have some carriage returns in the fields where you have extra lines, perhaps even in fields that are “empty”.  

The second file you attached wasn’t the output style (which would end in “.ens”) but should have been a compressed library but when I opened it, was empty, but at home I still have X8 so it maybe incompatible if you have updated to X9.3 - but that would have helped me look for errors in the records, but not helped me know if any were due to output style errors (which some of them clearly are – with double punctuation and extra space etc - which endnote should resolve automatically!)  – If you actually attached a full word document with some citations in the first zipped document and not just the bibliography, I could have recovered the “library” from the embedded temporary library in the document to inspect.  

Yes, I entered them manually but not on a different line. They were on the same line but separated by comas and . for the initials, is there a way I can show you how the references were inputted?


The second file named the output style was actualy to show you how the references were inputted. I do access the references library when I open it from my end.



I am currently waiting for a directives for fixing the identified problem. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Sorry, I am on holiday, but you MUST enter the authors one per line.  I recommend you enter them surname, first names

surname2, first names